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Go ahead, put us to the test! You’ve done the research, taken the test drive, and picked the quality Ford vehicle you want to see in your parking spot. The next step is securing a lease or car loan in Winnipeg that suits your lifestyle. A lot of Winnipeg-area dealerships claim to have the best financing rates, but River City Ford can actually deliver on that promise!

Don’t just take our word for it. We’re proud to be one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies, as well as the winner of the Diamond Club President’s Award from Ford. What does this mean for you? It means that when you choose us for your auto financing needs, you can expect to receive incredible service, as well as lasting satisfaction. And with one of the most experienced finance departments in the province, we’re able to help you in ways that other dealerships simply can’t. If you’re ready to explore your world from behind the wheel of a Ford, choose River City Ford. There’s no better place to find an auto loan or Lease in Winnipeg!

Discover the Power of an Auto Group

As part of the Driving Change Auto Group, River City Ford can offer many advantages to those searching for the most competitive rates. Our great people, history of sensible lending, and the size of the auto group all work together to put you ahead. We work with 12 different banks and lending agencies, each of which is interested in securing your business! This means you not only get the best rates, but the most flexibility in terms of repayment structures, so it’s easy to choose a lease or car loan in Winnipeg that suits your lifestyle. Looking for quick approval? Let River City Ford go to work for you! Apply today.

Credit Challenges Can't Hold You Back

At River City Ford, we know that everyone’s road to their next vehicle is different. If you’ve suffered a few bumps along the way, or maybe even a wrong turn or two, you can still qualify for credit here! How? Thanks to the size and reach of the Driving Change Auto Group, we can offer in-house financing. This means that even if the banks can’t approve you, we often can! Through our partner, Living Skies Acceptance Group, we’ve helped hundreds of people with complex credit challenges get approved. Ready to get started? Simply fill out our zero-obligation application, and meet with one of our friendly and experienced financial advisors. Your dream vehicle might be closer than you think!

No Admin Fees

Nobody likes playing hide and seek with fees. At River City Ford, we believe that it’s our job to do the paperwork, not yours. This means that we’ll never slip in last-minute admin fees when you’re applying for a lease or car loan in Winnipeg. It’s just one of the many reasons we score so highly in customer post-purchase satisfaction!